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Person - Pons, Félix (1942-2010)

Pons, Félix (1942-2010)




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Pons, Félix (1942-2010)Other forms

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Palma (Mallorca, Illes Balears, España)  1942-09-14 - Palma (Mallorca, Illes Balears, España)  2010-07-02


Spanish lawyer, professor, and politician.

He graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona (1959-1964) and he practised since 1965. Professor of Law at the School of Social Assistance (1965-1970). Professor at the Law Faculty of the Delegated Section of Palma de Mallorca (1972-1977). He was president of the Agrupación de Abogados Jóvenes de Baleares (Association of Young Lawyers of the Balearic Islands) and head of the Legal Counsel of Banco de Crédito Balear. He entered the Diplomatic Career in 1974. In 1975 he joined the Balearic Socialist Federation of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE/Spanish Socialist Worker's Party) and he was president of the Balearic Socialist Federation. He also was member of the Governing Board of Spanish Radio and Television and Minister for Labour and Health of the Consejo General Insular (General Insular Council) of the Balearic Islands.

Félix Pons was a member of the PSOE for the Balearic Islands in the Constituent Assembly and in the I, III, IV and V Spanish Courts parliamentary terms (1977-1982 and 1986-1996). Minister for Territorial Administration (1985-1986). He was president of the Congress of Deputies (1986-1996), until today, the one that has remained in office the longest; In his first speech, he said that freedom and pluralism are the axes on which the House should operate.

In 1996 he left active politics in order to devote himself to the lawyer profession.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02



Profession (carried on by):

Lawyers between 1965 and 2010

Profession (carried on by):

College teachers between 1965 and 1977

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Legislators in  Islas Baleares (provincia, jurisdicción antigua, España) between 1977 and 1996



Madrid (España)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Palma (Mallorca, Illes Balears, España) in 1942-09-14

Lugar de Defunción:

Palma (Mallorca, Illes Balears, España) in 2010-07-02




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Spanish socialists

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Cortes Generales. Congreso de los Diputados (España)  ( He/She is a member of )

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Partido Socialista Obrero Español  ( He/She is a member of )

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