Person - Campuzano-Polanco Fernández, Adrián María (1754-1819)

Campuzano-Polanco Fernández, Adrián María (1754-1819)




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Campuzano-Polanco Fernández, Adrián María (1754-1819)Other forms

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1754-12-08 - La Habana  1819-07-02


He was a government representative and judge of the Royal Court of Cuba. He was the son of Juan José Campuzano-Polanco y Morillo and Rosa Fernández de Lara. He studied in Canons and Law at the University of Santo Tomás de Aquino. He combined his work as a professor with that of a lawyer at the Royal Court of Santo Domingo where he became a prosecutor. He was also the judicial and administrative official of Santo Domingo of the city of Santo Domingo. After the entry of the French in the main square he abandoned the town and went to Venezuela, where he had family. From there he moved to Havana where he continued his administrative career in the service of the Crown. He was a prosecutor of the Royal Treasury and a superintendent and advisor of the Army and the Royal Treasury. He was also a judge at the Cuban Court. In 1810 he was elected Government Representative before the Cortes (parliament), but he refused to take the position. He married his niece Rosa Pérez Caro Campuzano, with whom he had no children.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813



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La Habana in 1819-07-02


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Campuzano Polanco, Francisco (1689-1741)  - Descendant (He/She is the grandson/granddaughter of)

Semillán Campuzano, Gregorio (1648-?)  - Descendant (He is the great-grandson/great-granddaughter of)

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Universidad de Santo Tomás (Quito, Ecuador)  ( He/She is a member of )

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