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Inca Yupanqui, Dionisio Uchu




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Inca Yupanqui, Dionisio UchuOther forms

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Lima (Perú)  desconocida - desconocida


He was a military and government representative. He was the Lieutenant Colonel of the Dragon Corps. He was the son of Domingo Uchú Inca Yupanqui, Infantry Lieutenant of the Callao garrison, with whom he moved to the Iberian Peninsula in 1767. Both he and his brother, Manuel, achieved the protection of the Crown for their training at the Colegio de Nobles in Madrid. Dionisio became a midshipman, which was his first step in his military career to later become a lieutenant colonel. In 1781 he participated in the expedition to reconquer Louisiana and Florida under the command of Bernardo de Gálvez.

He was elected Government Representative of Peru in 1810. He was a fervent defender of the indigenous cause, demonstrating his Inca status and his kinship with the last emperors of the Inca Empire. Some of his proposals were the defense of equal rights for the Indians, the suppression of mita and the equitable distribution of land. Paradoxically, some of these measures could do more harm than good to the Indians, for example the impact that the distribution of land could have on the communal property enjoyed by certain indigenous communities. Hence, other Peruvian deputies like Morales Duarez, who left Peru at an early stage, disgraced his lack of knowledge about the real indigenous situation. He became again an alternate government representative in the 1813 Cortes (parliament).

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813

Cortes ordinarias, 1813-1814

Date of the event: 1813 - 1814



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Tenientes coroneles


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Lima (Perú)


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Inca Yupanqui, Manuel  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Inca, Domingo Ucho (?-1782)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

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