Person - Álvarez Rubiano, Pablo (1910-1978)

Álvarez Rubiano, Pablo (1910-1978)




Preferred form:

Álvarez Rubiano, Pablo (1910-1978)

Fechas de existencia:

Almadén (Ciudad Real, España)  1910-06-07 - Madrid (España)  1978-08-25


Spanish historian. Son of Gustavino Álvarez and Enriqueta Rubiano. After studying baccalaureate at the Valencia High School, he graduated in Philosophy and Arts and Law at the university of that city. He obtained his PhD at the Central University of Madrid. He began his teaching career at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Valencia, but he was suspended from his position during the Second Republic. In 1939 he was reinstated and two years later he moved to the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the Central University. He achieved the chair of Modern and Contemporary History of the universities of Zaragoza, Valencia, Valladolid, Barcelona and, finally of the Complutense University of Madrid. He was American studies scholar and modernist and collaborated with the Jerónimo Zurita Institut of CSIC as well as with the magazine Hispania. Besides, he won the National Prize of Literature for his work about Pedrias Dávila and he was an honorary collaborator of the Gonzalo Fernández Institute of Oviedo. Furthermore, he was linked to the Falange, provincial delegate of Education and Culture, and the Ministry of Information and Tourism.

He married María Luisa Rubiano Fernández in 1955.


El 5 de enero de 1940, el 23 de abril y 3 de mayo de 1941 investigó en el Archivo Histórico Nacional (A.H.N.) de Madrid sobre Órdenes Militares.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Almadén (Ciudad Real, España) in 1910-06-07

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1978-08-25







Pasamar Alzuria, Gonzalo. Diccionario Akal de historiadores españoles contemporáneos (1840-1980). Tres Cantos (Madrid): Akal.

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