Guido Adler
Person - Adler, Guido (1855-1941)

Adler, Guido (1855-1941)




Preferred form:

Adler, Guido (1855-1941)

Fechas de existencia:

Ivancice (Moravia Meridional, República Checa)  1855-11-01 - Vienna  1941-02-15


Austrian musicologist and teacher. He was born on November 1 of 1855 in the current Ivančice (Moravia, Czech Republic), and died on February 15 of 1941 in Viena (Austria). After his father, the doctor Joachim Adler, died, his family moved to Viena in 1864 when he started and finished his studies at Akademisches Gymnasium, and where he later attended the Viennese conservatory specialising in Theory and Composition. Among his teachers were the renowned Anton Bruckner and Felix Otto Dessof. He also received a PhD in Law. Meanwhile, alongside Felix Mottl, he founded the Wiener Akademie Richard Wagner-Verein (1873). Later on, he focused on his History of Music studies becoming a doctorate in 1880.

He taught Musicology classes in Prague (1885-1898) and worked in different music magazines as an editor. He was also an exhibitions and music festivals organiser, working with many Musicology conferences such as Beethoven's centenary. He worked as a lecturer at University of Vienna's Gründer des Musikhistorischen Instituts (1898-1927), where he succeeded Eduard Hanslick. His lectures and History of Music studies drew many composers and musicologists into his inner circle, which won him the recognition of the academic community. He founded the "Viertel-jahrsschrift für Musikwissenschaft" magazine with Philipp Spitta and Karl Franz Friedrich Chrysander in 1884, and later on, the academic publication of "Studien zur Musikwissenschaft" (1913). He published many works, such as "Richard Wagner" (1904), "Der Stil in der Musik" (1911), "Gustav Mahler" (1916), "Methode der Musikgeschichte" (1919) and "Handbuch der Musikgeschichte" (1924) amongst others. His theories were expressed in several essays and in his autobiography "Wollen und Wirken. Aus dem Leben eines Musikhistorikers" (1935). After his death in 1941, his daughter Melanie Karoline Adler was deported to Theresienstadt and later taken to the Maly Trostinec extermination camp, where she was murdered. His son, Doctor of Medicine Hubert Joachim Adler, fled to the USA.


Una parte de su legado, "Guido Adler papers", se encuentra en la University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries.

Guido Adler es símbolo de la Musicología moderna, establece nuevos principios para la misma, reconoce el aspecto sociológico de la disciplina y enfatiza la importancia de una buena crítica musical.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ivancice (Moravia Meridional, República Checa) in 1855-11-01

Lugar de Defunción:

Vienna in 1941-02-15






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