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Colegio de Olot (Girona, España)



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Colegio de Olot (Girona, España)Alternative forms (other languages) Other forms

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from 1753 to 1767


The School of the Society of Jesus in Olot was a Jesuit project that was not carried out at the end. There is information in the Historical National Archive (AHN) and in the "Arxiu Històric de la Companyia de Jesús de Catalunya" (AHSIC), which gives information about the existence of the inheritance destined to found a college of the Society in the city of Olot (Girona) and of the processes followed by the Order to carry it out. Antonio Llopis, natural resident from Olot, attested in favour of the Society, giving all his goods and incomes for the construction of a building in his town when he died. A. Llopis died in 1753 and his wife was the beneficial owner. He gave to the Jesuits some houses in the locality, a house and a vegetable garden outside the city, incomes and fields in some localities nearby. The general of the Order accepted the donation and entrusted Father Jacint Torres, rector at the School of San Martín in Girona, to carry out the necessary procedures to start the construction. They took leave to the local government of Olot, which agreed on the installation of a School. The local government took leave to the King since it was the way of proceeding to establish new monasteries and convents in the cities. Over this period, the widow of Llopis died (1756). She could not see the School finished. As they did not get any answer in those years, the Order took leave to the local government, and this one to the King. The Jesuits sent to the Court in Madrid one agent to take charge of the license, but they still got no answer. In that moment, the Order of the Jesuits did not have the support of the Monarchy. Three years later, they were expelled from Portugal, and later, from Spain. There was no interest in establishing this school. But the inheritance of A. Llopis was not lost. His incomes and possessions were invested in the creation of an orphanage in Olot that counted on three Latinity classrooms and one of drawing. When the Jesuits were expelled after the Pragmatic Sanction of Charles III, their goods were given to the canonry. However, the city was still interested in the Jesuits settling there. When the Order re-established in 1814, Olot was the second local government of Spain in requesting its return to the locality by means of a petition to Ferdinand VII. He did not achieve it this time either.


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Administración del patrimonio monástico

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Misionado y evangelización



Olot (Girona, España)

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Pragmática sanción de su Magestad en fuerza de ley para el estrañamiento de estos Reynos á los Regulares de la Compañía, ocupación de sus temporalidades, y prohibición de su restablecimiento en tiempo alguno, con las demás precauciones que expresa. En Madrid en la Imprenta Real de la Gazeta. 1767-04-02


PARES: Código Referencia:ES.28079.AHN/

Documentos de la Compañía de Jesús en el Archivo histórico nacional: Inventario por Araceli Guglieri Navarro,... Introducción de Francisco Mateos, S.J.AHN, Editorial Razón y Fe, 1967.

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Jesuits  ( He/She is a member of; No llego a materializarse la construcción del Colegio, pero los jesuitas eran poseedores de las rentas e inmuebles para llevarlo a cabo. En ese tiempo realizaron diligencias y aceptaron la fundación. )

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