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Colegio de San Felipe y Santiago de Segovia (España)



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Colegio de San Felipe y Santiago de Segovia (España)Other forms

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from 1559 to 1767


The Society of Jesus settled in the city on the 20th of February 1559 in some houses located in San Martín's collation, in front of the terrains where they later built the college and the church. Once moved to this place, the Italian Jesuit architect Giuseppe Valeriano took charge of the project. He placed the first stone in 1577. This work, in which several architects and artists participated, ended in 1641. This church was dedicated to Saint Philip and James. The college was a Baroque work that was created by Juan de Mugaguren together with Jerónimo García y García Sanz. It is a sober construction, with a square floor whose rooms were placed around a central patio. It consists of three floors with walls decorated with several openings. According to some resources, it counted on 300 students in 1577. When it closed in 1676 due to the Pragmatic Sanction of Charles III, it had two Theology teachers, three Art teachers and three Grammar teachers.


It had belonged to the bishopric since the 18th century. A Conciliar Seminary was built by order of the Royal Council in the city to follow the Council of Trent. By 1791, the Seminary had already been established in the college of the Society. By Royal Decree, the position of rector in the Seminary was under the prebendary of the cathedral. The Seminary's personal was formed by the rector, two Theology professors that taught the theological institutions, moral theology, canons and the ecclesiastical discipline. They lived outside the Seminary. It also counted on three Philosophy professors and two Latin grammar professors. These last two figures taught mathematics, geography and religion, and they lived in the building. In the second half of the 19th century, 38 intern seminarians and 88 extern seminarians attended the chairs.


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Administración del patrimonio monástico

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Misionado y evangelización

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Preservación de obras culturales monásticas



Segovia (España)

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