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The foundation of this college of San Ignacio in Lleida received donations and legacies since the middle of the 16th century. This is shown in the conserved documentation. It was founded in 1597. The "Estudio general" (General Study) from Lleida permitted the college to teach grammar and humanities since 1614; it counted on 200 students. This situation finished in 1628. The Jesuits only maintained the chair of Moral Theology. They established a new agreement with the University in 1643; in 1714, the college lost the condition of community college with the overall reform. When the Jesuits were expelled, it counted on two grammar teachers, two theology teachers and one philosophy teacher.


After the Jesuits’ expulsion, the building was used for several purposes. By order of Charles III (1759-1788), the Conciliar Seminary established in that building until 1814; later, it was used as a military hospital and quarters; in 1909, it became the “Asilo y Monte Pío San José” for the priests. After being abandoned and, later, recovered in the 10th century, it turned into a residential block.


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Administración del patrimonio monástico

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Preservación de obras culturales monásticas

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Misionado y evangelización



Lleida (España)

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