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Ana, Marcos (1920-2016)




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Ana, Marcos (1920-2016)Other forms

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Alconada (Salamanca, España)  1920-01-20 - Madrid (España)  2016-11-24


Fernando Macarro Castillo, better known as Marcos Ana (pseudonym formed from his parents' names) was born in 1920 in the district of San Vicente (Alconada, Salamanca). He was also a Spanish poet and a political prisoner during Franco's dictatorship. He began to write while he was held in jail in 1950 under the pseudonym Marcos Ana and his poems began to become famous among dictatorship's opponents. He was pardoned in 1962 thanks to some international campaigns in his favour. He went into exile to France where he made an intense campaign in favour of the political prisoners during Franco's dictatorship. He was member of the PCE (Communist Party of Spain) and aligned Santiago Carrillo's ideological opinion during the PCE's decline because of the Czechoslovak crisis. He returned to Spain in 1976. He was candidate of the PCE at the Congress of the Deputies as a representative of Burgos during the first democratic elections. He published his memories in 2007.


Fernando Macarro Castillo was better known as Marcos Ana (pseudonym formed from his parents’ names); he was born on the 20th of January 1920 in the district of San Vicente, belonging to the municipality of Alconada (Salamanca). In 1929, his family moved to Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). He had fought in the Spanish Civil War as a member of the Unified Socialist Youth since 1936 and, later, as one of the Communist Party of Spain. When the war ended, he was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Albatera (Alicante) from where he escaped and, after being captured, he was twice condemned to death. He created two organised groups in the different jails where he was imprisoned. He stayed at the gaol of Burgos from 1946 to 1961. He began to write poetry there. His heart-breaking work encouraged to combat the dictatorship and made a calling to the liberation of political prisoners. When he was released, he moved to France and established the Centre for Information and Solidarity with Spain by motion of the Communist Party of Spain. He returned to Spain when he was granted the amnesty in 1976. He was also candidate of the Congress of Deputies by the Communist Party.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Alconada (Salamanca, España) in 1920-01-20

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 2016-11-24


Ana, Marcos.. Decidme cómo es un arbol : [memoria de la prision y la vida! /. Marcos Ana.. Barcelona :: Umbriel ;. 379 p., [16! c. di tav. ;. 848936740X.

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