Corporate Body - Consejo Levantino Unificado de Exportación Agrícola (España)

Consejo Levantino Unificado de Exportación Agrícola (España)



Corporate Body

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Consejo Levantino Unificado de Exportación Agrícola (España)Other forms

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1936 to 1937


It was created by an agreement between the CNT and the UGT in October 1936 to centralize the export of oranges from Spain.

It was headed by an Executive Committee of 24 people from the CNT and the UGT. The presidency fell to the Provincial Delegate from the Ministry of Agriculture of Valencia.

The Council relied on local organizations created in each orange-growing locality, which were known as Local Unified Councils for Export of Fruits (in Spanish "Consejos Locales Unificados de la Exportación de Frutos" or CLUEF).

The CLUEFs were in charge of centralizing the production in each locality, as well as of the packaging and the commercialization via the CLUEA* which had assumed the role of foreign agent and liaison with the administration. The headquarters were situated in Valencia, with delegations in the main foreign markets.

The last reunion was held in November, 1937.

*Acronym for "Consejo Levantino Unificado de la Exportación Agrícola", namely, the Unified Council for Agricultural Export of Murcia and Valencia

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