Corporate Body - Comisaría General de Fronteras y Puertos (España)

Comisaría General de Fronteras y Puertos (España)



Corporate Body

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Comisaría General de Fronteras y Puertos (España)Other forms

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from 1937-06-03 to 1939


The General Police Station for Borders and Ports is created by Decree issued by the Ministry of Government Administration on the 3rd June, 1937. This police station is staffed by the Investigation and Surveillance Corps, whose personnel is appointed by the Directorate-General for Security on the proposal of the commissioner-general.

Its functions cover the investigation and surveillance of boarder regions, the passport checks and the follow-up of statistical data on passenger and watercraft numbers. Its location will vary according to the place where the Government of the Republic is based, and it will have jurisdiction over three areas: Catalonia and the province of Huesca; Castellón de la Plana and Valencia; Alicante, Murcia, Almería and the loyal regions of Granada.

It is held accountable to the Directorate-General of Security and that of Customs Guard for all of its reports and services. On the 25th August 1937, the Republican Gazette published an order, whereby the personnel subjected to orders by the General Police Station for Borders and Ports in Catalonia would be placed under the authority of the delegate-general for Public Order, in his role of government representative in the autonomous region.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939


Mandates/Legal Sources


Orden dictando las normas básicas de estructuración y misión a cumplir por la Comisaría General de Fronteras y Puertos, creada por Decreto de 3 de Junio último (Gaceta de la República: Diario Oficial núm. 203, de 22/07/1937)


Código de Referencia de PARES: ES.37274.CDMH/-

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