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Corporate Body - Dirección General de la Renta de Correos

Dirección General de la Renta de Correos



Corporate Body

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Dirección General de la Renta de Correos

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The analysis of the organizational chart of the post office unravels a defined hierarchical structure specific to the state bureaucracy of this period. At the top of the pyramid was the Superintendente General de Correos y Postas. Since 1747, this position was assigned to the Primer Secretario de Estado y de Despacho, whose two main functions were clearly defined: government and justice-related issues. As far as the government’s function is concerned, the Superintendent was immediately followed by the directors general, the attorney and the Directorate General advisor. The number of Directors General fluctuated from two (until 1785) to three and even four in the subsequent years. The creation of the Junta de Gobierno de la Dirección General de Correos in 1786, constituted by all members of the Directorate General, introduced a noteworthy modification to the organizational chart of the Renta de Correos. Members in lower-level positions, responsible for implementing the resolutions adopted by the Directorate General, were the Post Office administrators in the Peninsula – whose main axis was at the harbor of La Coruña – and in America, polarized around the administrations of Havana and Buenos Aires. At a strictly local level were the workers in charge of attached administrations, subordinate administrations and post office administrations, with those responsible for seals placed in minor administrations. The Renta de Correos had its own jurisdiction and the first instance therein corresponded to the Superintendent and under his delegation, to the Directors General in the districts of Madrid, and the under-delegates of the rental in the remaining territories. On a second appeal, they could resort to the Appeal Board of the Council of Finance. This scheme underwent a number of substantial modifications in 1776, when the Real y Suprema Junta de Correos y Postas de España y de las Indias was created. It was staffed by the Superintendent, the Directors General and four judges or "ministros togados" from the Councils of Castile, Finances, the Indies and War for second-instance appeals.


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