Corporate Body - Ministerio de la Guerra (España)

Ministerio de la Guerra (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Ministerio de la Guerra (España)Other forms

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1834 to 1938


The Ministry of War was one of the oldest institutions, regarded as the direct inheritor of the powers that fell under the authority of the Secretariat of the State and the Department of War. Its disappearance was triggered by the establishment of the Ministry of National Defense by Franco's Government in January 1938, and the subsequent creation of the Ministry of the Army, the Ministry of the Air and the Ministry of Marine in the aftermath of war.

Internal Structure-Genealogy:

Related Authorities

Hierarchical relationships :

Comisariado General de Guerra (España)  - Parent (It controls/supervises)

Ejército Popular de la República (España)  - Parent

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Not determinated relations :

García de Polavieja del Castillo, Camilo (1838-1914)  (Tiene como empleado a_en)

González de Vera, Francisco (1814-1896)  (Tiene como empleado a_en; Archivero)

Jovellar Soler, Joaquín (1818-1842)  (Tiene como empleado a_en; Ministro: 31 de diciembre de 1874-2 de diciembre de 1875 27 de noviembre de 1885-10 de octubre de 1886)

Marichalar Monreal, Luis (1873-1945)  (It has as a member)

España. Ministerio de Defensa (1977-)

Ministerio de Marina (España)