Person - Azanza, Miguel José de (1746-1826)

Azanza, Miguel José de (1746-1826)




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Azanza, Miguel José de (1746-1826)Other forms

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Aoiz (Navarra, España)  1746 - Burdeos (Gironda, Francia)  1826


Born in Aoiz (Navarra) in 1746, in the bosom of a noble family, he was son of Pedro de Azanza and Nabarlaz, originally from Burguete, and Juana María de Alegría y Egüés.

He started his administrative career as his uncle’s assistant in 1768, when he became General Administrator of Income in Veracruz, New Spain. On his family member’s recommendation, he began to work with the inspector of the viceroyalty José de Gálvez. After his imprisonment for reporting Galvez’s loss of mental abilities in his trip to Sonora (1769), he moved to Cuba (1771). He enlisted in the Royal Army (1772). He was promoted to the rank of Captain, serving in Havana until at least 1779. He participated in the Great Siege of Gibraltar (1779-1783). Thereafter, he took on diplomatic service and successfully managed the Spanish business affairs in Saint Petersburg (1783-1784) and Berlin (1784-1786). On his return to Spain, he was appointed intendent of the provinces of Toro and Salamanca (1787). In 1789, he became intendent of the Kingdom of Valencia and sub-delegate of the General Assembly of Commerce Currency and Mine of the said Kingdom, as well as warden of its factories. During the War of the Convention against France (1793-1795), he was the intendent of the Army of Rosellon. In 1795, he was appointed Secretario de Estado y del Despacho de Guerra (from Spanish “Secretary of State and Office of War”). In October of the subsequent year, he was appointed viceroy of New Spain, although he could not come to office until January 1789. Once a substitute was assigned in 1799, he was appointed State Counsellor. He returned to Spain in 1800. In 1808, Ferdinand VII appointed him Minister of Finances. As a member of the Governing Board, he witnessed the Abdications of Bayonne and accepted the Constitution conferred by Napoleon. Since then, he was involved in the government of Joseph I in such departments as The Indies, Cult, Foreign Affairs, among others. He also assumed the role of Ambassador Extraordinary from Spain at the wedding of Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria (1810). After the Bourbon Restoration, he moved to France and spent many years in Paris, giving support to Spanish refugees. Together with Gonzalo O’Farrill, he attempted to justify his behaviour during the Independence War in a memoire published in Paris in 1815. He never gained the royal forgiveness. He died in Bordeaux in 1826.


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Cabinet officers

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Aoiz (Navarra, España) in 1746

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Burdeos (Gironda, Francia) in 1826




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