Corporate Body - Consulado Nuevo de Sevilla (España)

Consulado Nuevo de Sevilla (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Consulado Nuevo de Sevilla (España)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1784 to 1868


The New Consulate of Seville founded in 1784 is the result of the enactment of the Free Trade Regulation, which took place in 1778 and in turn triggered the dissolution of the County Chamber of Commerce in Seville and the Council of the Cargadores* to the Indies in Cádiz. Both Consulates will survive until the 1829 enactment of the Commercial Code, hence why they were relegated to regular Courts and permanently dissolved by the Government Decree of Unification of Fueros** on the 6th December 1868, which implied losing these important merchant institutions. The territorial framework of the New Consulate of Seville and its jurisdiction will be based on the principle of ecclesiastical districts of the archbishopric of Seville, including the villages outside the Consulate of Cádiz. Its main aim - somewhat traditional - was to narrow the gulf between the merchants fast-tracked. On top of that, it strived for boosting local economy (agriculture, factories and industries) and, on the other hand, reestablishing direct commerce between Seville and America.

* Cargadores: commonly known as merchants of the Indies, they were the ones to trade with the overseas territories of Spain.

** Fueros were the charters granted to Spanish villages, towns and regions in the Middle Ages, which established their rights and obligations, as well as some privileges.