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Person - Braganza, Bárbara de (1711-1758, reina consorte de España)

Braganza, Bárbara de (1711-1758, reina consorte de España)




Preferred form:

Braganza, Bárbara de (1711-1758, reina consorte de España)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Lisboa (Portugal)  1711-12-04 - Aranjuez (Madrid, España)  1758-08-27


Barbara of Portugal (1711-1758), Queen of Spain (1746-1758); Portuguese Infanta married to Ferdinand VI, King of Spain. Born on 4 December 1711 in Lisbon, her parents were King John V of Portugal and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, daughter of Emperor Leopold I. As a result of negotiations between the kings and queens of Portugal and Spain, she married the then Prince of Asturias and future Spanish King Ferdinand VI on 20 January 1729, one day before his brother, the heir to the Portuguese throne, Joseph I, married Ferdinand's sister Mariana Victoria of Spain, also the daughter of King Philip V of Spain. Possessing a great culture, superior to that of the noble women of that time, she spoke five languages, performed music, had an educated conversation, and was a patron and protector of artists, especially of the famous opera singer Farinelli or the Italian musician Domenico Sacarlatti, her harpsichord teacher. She influenced many of her husband's political decisions. She founded the convent of the Salesas Reales in Madrid and the annexed church of Santa Bárbara, financing at her own expense the construction of the architectural complex. She died on 27 August 1758 in the royal palace of Aranjuez (Madrid). She had no children, so King Ferdinand VI had no direct descendants when he died a year later.

Internal Structure-Genealogy:

Hija del rey de Portugal Juan V y la archiduquesa María Ana de Austria, hija del emperador Leopoldo I.


Badajoz (España) in 1729-01-20 Obs.:  Lugar de matrimonio.

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Lisboa (Portugal) in 1711-12-04

Lugar de Defunción:

Aranjuez (Madrid, España) in 1758-08-27





BONET CORREA A. y BLASCO ESQUIVIAS, B. Fernando VI y Bárbara de Braganza un reinado bajo el signo de la paz. 1746-1759.

RUBIO ARAGONÉS, M.J. Reinas de España: las Austrias. Siglos XV-XVIII, de Isabel la Católica a Mariana de Neoburgo.-Madrid, La Esfera de los Libros, 2010

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Family relationships :

Fernando VI (1713-1759, rey de España)  - Marriage (Esta casado/a con)

Austria, María Ana de (1683-1754, reina consorte de Portugal)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

Juan V (1689-1750, rey de Portugal)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

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