Corporate Body - Gobierno Militar de Cáceres (España)

Gobierno Militar de Cáceres (España)



Corporate Body

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Gobierno Militar de Cáceres (España)

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In the 18th century, several Spanish provinces relied upon a military and political authority, dependent on the Captain-General, and known as Commander-in-Chief or Military Commander. This position was downgraded in the advent of the political heads in 1812, who were regarded as the highest provincial authority. The military governments of the province coped with the establishment and dissolution of several governments over the years, and they tended to identify with the provincial division fixed by Javier de Burgos in 1833. The decree issued on the 8th September 1841 laid down the appointment of a military Authority at a provincial level in representation of the corresponding Captain-General. The newly-created authority enjoyed the status of brigadier or colonel, with the title of Military Commander of the Province. Nevertheless, the Outsider Guides of those years enlighten us on the fact that they actually used the title Commander-in- Chief, until the royal decree issued on the 21st December 1852. Upon the approval of the "Reglamento para el Cuerpo de Estado Mayor de Plazas", the position was renamed again as Military Governor and applied to the brigadiers. The figure of Civil Governor appeared in tandem with these events, and was created by decree of the 28th December 1849 to take on the provincial policy-making, administrative and economic powers. Upon the outbreak of the Spanish civil war in 1936, the republican army underwent more changes than the national army, which was subject to minor organizational reforms. Hence the existence of the Military Government of Cáceres, whose Commander was to comply with the orders from Valladolid (Central Army) and Salamanca (Headquarters).


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