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Corporate Body - Servei de Biblioteques del Front (España)

Servei de Biblioteques del Front (España)



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Servei de Biblioteques del Front (España)Alternative forms (other languages) Other forms

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from 1937-02-17 to 1939


Since the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the Commissioner for Propaganda of the Catalan Government gathered books and dispatched them to the troops on the war front line. This initiative was on the increase and gave rise to the creation of a reading service for soldiers, known as the "Library Service on the Frontline" created by the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government  by virtue of the Decree of 17 February 1937. It was inspired by the American experience in the WWI, which introduced libraries to assist the injured. It was set up with the creation of libraries on the frontline, the rearguard and the blood hospitals, as well as on the convalescent and resting facilities. Two sub-stations were created in the Aragón front, more specifically in Sariñena and Alcañiz. The librarian Concepción Guarro was appointed head of the Library Service, although the leading figure was embodied by Jordi Rubió and Pepita Callao. The sets of books dispatched were based on demand and on topics; because they were used for entertainment purpose, most books were works of literature.  Moreover, libraries were established in blood hospitals, building set up as hospitals to assist the injured and a service of mobile library was launched in 1938. It is estimated that the Service put into circulation up to 100,000 books throughout the two years it remained operative. Upon the end of the war, when Franco was about to enter in Barcelona, the mobile library drove a group of writers to France on their way to exile.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939






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