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Corporate Body

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Fundación Sánchez-Albornoz

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The Foundation Sánchez-Albornoz was set up in Oviedo in 1984 as a non-profit scientific and cultural private entity , which was devoted to the promotion of education, research, cultural dissemination, scientific exchange and international cooperation, among others. It was established at the initiative of the Principality of Asturias, the provincial delegations of Ávila and León, and the family Sánchez-Albornoz. At a later stage, the Board of Castilla y León and the Autonomous Community of Madrid became affiliated to the institution. In its early years, the Foundation was mainly devoted to the study of Spanish history and the education of historians. In 2011, the Foundation's regulations were reformed and its scope incorporated four new fields of work: Public Administration and reform of the State, Art and Culture, Economics and New Technologies of Information and Communication.

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