Person - Collantes de Terán, Francisco (1899-1977)

Collantes de Terán, Francisco (1899-1977)




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Collantes de Terán, Francisco (1899-1977)Other forms

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1899 - 1977


Francisco Collantes de Terán was a Spanish humanist, archivist, researcher, teacher, academic, and archaeologist. He mainly developed his work during the postwar period. His figure is closely linked to the city of Seville, where he held various positions in the Administration and the University, always in the field of Humanities. The Municipal Archive of Seville was his main occupation, but not for that reason he neglected other facets throughout his intense professional life, such his archaeological work. Regarding his relationship with Archeology, his work heading Italica and his work in the city of Carteia stand out. He carried out this last one in collaboration with Fernández Chicarro and Woods during the 1960s and under the patronage of the Bryant Foundation.


AGA,21,20370: Expediente personal del profesor adjunto de universidad de Francisco Collantes de Terán Delorme. Años 1948-1957

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