Person - Valverde Valverde, Calixto (1870-1941)

Valverde Valverde, Calixto (1870-1941)




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Valverde Valverde, Calixto (1870-1941)Other forms

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1870-03-01 - 1941-03-25


He was born in Castromonte (Valladolid) to Juan Valverde Ortiz and Antolina Valverde Álvarez. He married Antonia Montesa Díaz and they had no children. He passed away in Valladolid.

He studied at Instituto de Valladolid and graduated in Law from Universidad de Valladolid on 2nd November 1891- In 1893 he obtained his doctorate from Universidad Central de Madrid.

He was professor in Spanish Civil Law and Common and Moral Law at Universidad de Granada in 1903. That same year, he relocated to Universidad de Barcelona and in July he was transferred to Universidad de Valladolid in July.

He was Rector of Universidad de Valladolid until 1929. After he retired in 1940, he was elected Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Law at Universidad de Valladolid.

He was also a Parliamentary Deputy for the district of Villalón de Campos (Valladolid) during the government term of 1905-1907. He was elected Senator for Valladolid in the partial election celebrated on 14th August 1910. He was a member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Valladolid, too.


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College teachers

Related Authorities

García-Valdecasas Páez, Guillermo (1869-1946)  ( Permita con Calixto Valverde la cátedra de Civilística de la Universidad de Granada. )

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Universidad de Valladolid (España)  ( He/She works for )

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