Person - Valiente Soriano, José María (1900-1982)

Valiente Soriano, José María (1900-1982)




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Valiente Soriano, José María (1900-1982)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Chelva (Valencia, España)  1900-11-18 - Valdecilla (Medio Cudeyo, Cantabria, España)  1982-12-07


He was the son of José Valiente Soriano and Micaela Soriano e Ibáñez. He studied at Instituto de Valenca in 1917 and graduated in Law from Universidad Central de Madrid on 27th October 1927. He obtained his doctorate in 1923 from Universidad de Boloña.

He was professor in Civil Law at Universidad de La Laguna in 1943. In 1946 he relocated to Universidad de Sevilla to teach the same subject, but stopped that same year due to his transfer to Universidad de Zaragoza.

In 1942, the Ministry for National Education declared him exempt of taxes and he took a voluntary leave. He retired in 1970.

He was also vicepresident of the Technical Committee of the political party Acción Nacional in 1931, and Parliamentary Deputy for the district of Santander, elected in 1933 and again in 1936 for Burgos. In 1936, he was the first provincial chief for the Movement and was part of its National Council.

He was also member of the General Commission of Codification since 1938, and court attorney in 1967 and 1971.


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