Person - Ureña Smenjaud, Rafael de (1852-1930)

Ureña Smenjaud, Rafael de (1852-1930)




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Ureña Smenjaud, Rafael de (1852-1930)Other forms

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1852-02-03 - 1930-05-20


Born in Valladolid to José Ureña de la Torre and Magdalena Smenjaud y González. He married Nicesia Sanz y Martín and passed away in Madrid.

He studied Arts at Instituto de Valladolid and graduated in Law from Universidad de Valladolid on 19th June 1871. He obtained his doctorate a year later. In 1874, he graduated in Law, Administrative Section, from Universidad de Valladolid.

He was professor in Political and Administrative Law at Universidad de Oviedo in 1878. In 1882 he transferred to Universidad de Granada, where he taught General Ecclesiastic Discipline and Particular of Spain. In 1884 he started teaching Political and Administrative Law, and in 1886 he relocates to Universidad Central de Madrid to teach History of Legal Literature. He set out the Legal Museum-Laboratory of the Faculty of Law of Universidad de Madrid and in 1909 he was elected Dean of said faculty.

He was elected vice-rector of Universidad Central in 1921 and retired the next year. In 1929 he became spokesperson for the Construction Board of Ciudad Universitaria.

He also carried out other tasks such as: president of Republican Youth of Valladolid in 1873; member of the Bar Association of Granada since 1882. Member of the Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación of Madrid since 1886; President of the round table of the Historical Sciences section of the athenaeum of Madrid from 1899 to 1900. In 1906 he is elected vice-president of the Real Academia of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Madrid and in 1906 of the Real Academia of History.


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