Person - Torrents Torres, Antonio (1846-?)

Torrents Torres, Antonio (1846-?)




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Torrents Torres, Antonio (1846-?)Other forms

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Barcelona (España)  1846-11-30 - desconocida


He was a Spanish professor, son of Epifanio Torrents y Esperanza Torres. He graduated in Civil and Canonical Law from Universidad de Barcelona, obtaining his doctorate in 1869. He also graduated in Administrative Law in 1872 and in Philosophy and Humanities in 1890, from the same university. In 1879 he became business expert and in 1888, a Business professor.

He taught Common Spanish Civil and Moral Law at Universidad de Valladolid in 1899 and transferred to Universidad de Zaragoza to teach General History of Spanish Law. In 1906 he was professor in Common Spanish Civil and Moral Law at Universidad de Sevilla, and in 1916 he transferred to Universidad de Oviedo. He retired in 1918.

In 1870 he was named non-profitable lawyer. In 1881, he was Secretary of the Economic Railway Company from Manresa to Berga. Between 1870 and 1874 he was city attorney for Barcelona. And from 1871 to 1881, when he quit, he was Official of the Accounting Department of the Provincial Council.

He was also a member of the Academy of Jurisprudence in 1872, founder and member of the General Association of the Penitentiary Reform of Spain in 1880, and legal lawyer at the Territorial Trial Court in Barcelona between 1889 and 1892.


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Barcelona (España) in 1846-11-30

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