Person - Giménez Fernández, Manuel (1896-1968)

Giménez Fernández, Manuel (1896-1968)




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Giménez Fernández, Manuel (1896-1968)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Sevilla (España)  1896-05-06 - 1968-02-27


He was a Spanish deputy, minister and professor, who was born and passed away in Seville. He was called Manuel de Jesús, Benito, Miguel y Consolación de la Santísima Trinidad. Son of Manuel Jiménez Teruel and Carmen Fernández y Guerra-Márquez, he got married with Ana María Clavijo Peñarrocha.

He began his academic education in the schools of the “Compañía de Jesús” of the Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) and Villasís (Sevilla). He graduated in Letters and Law at the University of Seville, apart from obtaining the doctorate in Law (University of Seville and Madrid).

His academic career began with him as an assistant professor. In the University of Seville, he obtained his chair of Canon Law; Public and Private International Law; History of the Church and the Hispanic-American Canon Institutions; and Indian Canon Institutions.

He was sanctioned in 1936 but the case file was solved with no sanction and with his reinstatement to his position in 1937.

Other activities he carried out were:

Parliamentary deputy in Badajoz and Segovia. Vice president of the Courts.

Lawyer of the Association of Seville.

Member of the Royal Sevillian Academy of Belles Lettres.

Councilor and mayor deputy of the City Council of Seville.

Deputy member of the Court of Constitutional Guarantees.

Minister of Agriculture.


Profession (carried on by):

Legislators in  Spain between 1933 and 1935 Obs.:  Diputado a Cortes por Badajoz y Segovia.


Cabinet officers in  Spain between 1934-10-04 and 1935-04-03 Obs.:  Ministro de Agricultura.

Profession (carried on by):

Catedráticos de Derecho in  Sevilla (España) in 1929-06-20 Obs.:  Universidad de Sevilla.

Profession (carried on by):

Lawyers in  Sevilla (España) in 1919 Obs.:  Abogado del Colegio de Sevilla.



El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, España)  Obs.:  Estudiante.


Chipiona (Cádiz, España)  Obs.:  Residencia estival. Confinado en su domicilio al estallar la Guerra Civil Española.


Madrid (España)  Obs.:  Estudiante. Diputado en Cortes.


Sevilla (España) between 1896-05-06 and 1968-02-27 Obs.:  Nacimiento. Estudiante. Trabajo, catedrático de la Universidad. Concejal del Ayuntamiento. Salida, regreso. Muerte.

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Sevilla (España) in 1896-05-06

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Sevilla (España) in 1968-02-27

Related Authorities

Acción Popular (España)  ( He/She is a member of; Miembro de Acción Popular. Diputado a Cortes. )

Associative relations :

Universidad Central (Madrid, España)  ( He/She is a member of; Estudiante de doctorado. )

Universidad de Sevilla (España)  ( He/She is a member of; Estudiante de la licenciatura en Letras y Derecho, además del doctorado en Derecho. Profesor auxiliar. Catedrático de Derecho Canónico ; Derecho Internacional Público y Privado ; Historia de la Iglesia y de las Instituciones Canónicas Hispano-Americanas; e Instituciones Canónicas Indianas. )

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