Compound record unit related to the license application and printing privilege of El Quijote, by Miguel de Cervantes.

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Compound record unit related to the license application and printing privilege of El Quijote, by Miguel de Cervantes.

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CONSEJOS,Doc.1159    [Original reference number]

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1604-sm-sd  -  1604-09-11 , Valladolid (España)

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Unidad Documental Compuesta_en

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The collection of documents of the Councils Section of the National Historical Archive was created in the eighties of the last century with the purpose of collecting all those documents that, for reasons of preservation, installation or special protection, had to be extracted from their files and preserve separately.

Thus, we can find the following casuistry:

- Documents on specially fragile supports (such as parchment).

- Documents that due to their exceptionally large size have the risk of degrading if they were maintained in a conventional installation.

- Documents that due to their small size were susceptible to being lost easily or even been stolen.

- And finally, this collection also included those documents that, due to their special value, required a special installation and greater control when they were consulted by the public (such as the case of the Quijote printing license and other documents of similar characteristics).

The archival principles always tend to avoid this type of extractions, but when it is the preservation and security of the documents what is at stake, it is preferred form these collections. These are even in the documentary collections of the producing institutions . In the case of the Councils Section, the issue is even more evident when the Council of Castile itself had a differentiated series called "Parchments" which accumulated documentation in this support.

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Consejo de Castilla (España)

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It contains, among other documents, the Miguel de Cervantes memorial, in which it was requested the license and printing privilege of the the book titled "El Ingenioso Hidalgo de la Mancha" for 20 years [undated] and the report of the royal chronicler Antonio de Herrera, in favor of the aplication requested [dated in Valladolid on September 11, 1604]

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