Consulta of the Council of State urging the king “to take a resolution about so serious matter and will not delay it any longer” ...

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Consulta of the Council of State urging the king “to take a resolution about so serious matter and will not delay it any longer”.

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1609-07-18 , Madrid (España)

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Consejo de Estado (España. 1521-1834) - Productor

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The expulsion of the Moriscos (former muslim population and their descendents) from the spanish kingdoms was not only a major event in the history of Spain but also, according to the period's own data, the biggest migration in the Modern Age. 
It was the final result of a process born in the very conquest of Granada in 1492, growth along all sixteenth century until the revolt of Alpujarras in 1568-1570 and the subsequent eviction and dispersion of the moorish people throughout the Peninsula, and produced years of deliberations which lead to what finally was appointed like the only way for reach and endpoint to what was considered an insoluble problem. Spain did not suffered, unlike the most of Europe, the religion's wars, but the expulsion of the moorish leaved scars so deep as them in the achieving of the political goal (common to all the european nations) of religious uniformity as guarantee of unity.. 
The expulsion was not a single administrative act, but a series of specific decrees for each kingdoms enacts in turn. Although the main subject of all of them was the same, the order of expulsion, everyone disposed specific measures relative to the terms and conditions for the eviction of the Moorish of each kingdom. 
The expulsion of the whole moriscos population was decided by the Council of State in April 1609, at the same time the Twelve Year's Truce with the Netherlands was signed. Through this document, made when the resolution has been taken but two months before the publication of the first edict, the one for the kingdom of Valencia, the Council urged to implement that decission, particulary with the moriscos of the village of Hornachos (Badajoz) and at large in all the kingdom. 
A task of such magnitude required, in addition to years of deliberations and queries inside all the decision-making bodies of the Spanish Monarchy, months of arrangements and a huge mobilisation of its military and administrative resources for a five-years term. All this produced, naturally, an enormous record's trail that could be followed through the fonds of all the corporate bodies of the period, begining with the ones of the councils-system. 

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