Artículos de 02/04/1938 a 30/06/1938

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Artículos de 02/04/1938 a 30/06/1938

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1938-04-02  -  1938-06-30

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Embajada de España en Londres (Reino Unido) - Productor

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Contiene artículos de la prensa británica sobre el desarrollo de la Guerra Civil española entre los meses de abril y junio de 1938:
339. What I Saw in Barcelona (Daily Worker, 02/04/1938)
340. Opinion-Flight (Daily Express, 02/04/1938)
341. If Franco Wins... (Daily Herald, 05/04/1938)
342. Spain Calling (Daily Herald, 06/04/1938)
343. How Lost Force broke through Franco's Line (Daily Herald, 06/04/1938)
344. Nearing the End in Spain (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 07/04/1938)
345. Toughest Fight Still Ahead (Daily Express, 07/04/1938)
346. This March Must Stop (News Chronicle, 08/04/1938)
347. After West Fulham... (Daily Herald, 08/04/1938)
348. West Fulham Shows the Way (Reynolds News, 10/04/1938)
349. What Britain Will Pay For Peace With Italy (Reynolds News, 10/04/1938)
350. Franco Spain Splitting (Sunday Referee, 10/04/1938)
351. The Agony of Spain-Life Under The Terror of Bombs and Shells (The Sunday Times, 10/04/1938). En dos páginas: who questioned him about
352. Mr. Chamberlain's Hat (Daily Worker, 12/04/1938)
353. Arms-Why the Speed-Up? (Daily Worker, 12/04/1938)
354. Joy In Rome (Daily Herald, 12/04/1938)
355. Spanish Loyalists and Ethiopians Unconquered (News Chronicle, 13/04/1938)
356. In Barcelona (News Chronicle, 14/04/1938)
357. 150 Years Ago (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 16/04/1938)
358. Three Spains (Manchester Guardian, 16/04/1938)
359. 15 Planes Against a Company (Daily Herald, 16/04/1938). Artículo de E. Hemingway
360. Anglo-Italian Agreement. Prime Minister's Success (The Sunday Times, 17/04/1938)
361. The Italian Agreement-Peace and the Method (The Observer, 17/04/1938)
362. Let Labour Look Forward (Reynolds News, 17/04/1938)
363. The Popular Front Again (The Times, 18/04/1938)
364. A Good Foundation (The Times, 18/04/1938)
365. Questions Prompted By The New Rome Pact-The End of Surface Tension (Manchester Guardian, 18/04/1938)
366. The Old Diplomacy (Manchester Guardian, 18/04/1938)
367. A Pact of War (Daily Worker, 18/04/1938)
368. Where Empires Rise And Fall (News Chronicle, 19/04/1938)
369. Two Empires Meet (Manchester Guardian, 19/04/1938)
370. Mediterranean: Key To Peace 2-British Strategy (News Chronicle, 20/04/1937)
371. The Rome Pact and After (Daily Worker, 20/04/1937)
372. If Franco Wins 1-The Spain of the Future (The Times, 21/04/1937). En dos páginas: ...from the presses every day
373. Spotlight on Politics (News Chronicle, 21/04/1937)
374. Mediterranean: Key To Peace 3-Italy's Threat to France (News Chronicle, 21/04/1937)
375. Franco Says He's Won the War... Now What? (Daily Express, 21/04/1937)
376. British Policy Burned Tortosa (Daily Worker, 21/04/1937)
377. If Franco Wins 2-The Economic Plan (The Times, 22/04/1938). En dos páginas:, and indeed all manufactured..
378. The Two Spains (The Times, 22/04/1938)
379. Mediterranean: Key To Peace 4-Italy Prepares The Third Campaign (News Chronicle, 22/04/1938)
380. What The Peace Alliance Is (Daily Worker, 22/04/1938)
381. Triumph (Daily Worker, 22/04/1938)
382. Typical of the methods... (Daily Worker, 23/04/1938)
383. Banging the Door (Daily Worker, 23/04/1938)
384. Mussolini's Sandwichman (Daily Worker, 23/04/1938). Viñeta Cómica
385. Which Way Europe, Darkness Or Light? (Reynolds News, 24/04/1938)
386. Prospects of Italian Pact With France (The Sunday Times, 24/04/1938)
387. French Premier To Stay With The King (Sunday Referee, 24/04/1938). En dos páginas: kindly and courteous...
388. In British Politics Today... Peace Alliance is Key Issue (Reynolds News, 24/04/1938)
389. Premier's Drive For Four-Power Pact (Reynolds News, 24/04/1938)
390. Spanish Peasants At War (Current History, 01/04/1938). En cuatro páginas, pegadas en dos hojas diferentes: when they were fortunate... (p.3)
391. Mediterranean: Key To Peace-After the Rome Agreement, What? (News Chronicle, 25/04/1938)
392. Duce Laughs At Premier: Pours In Arms (Daily Express, 27/04/1938)
393. The City of Darkness-Gloom Over Barcelona (The Times, 29/04/1938)
394. Signal At Danger (Daily Worker, 29/04/1938)
395. Spain (News Chronicle, 29/04/1938)
396. By Madame Tabouis (Sunday Referee, 01/05/1938). En dos páginas: -fore- although realising that the general...
397. Britain and France-Issues of Peace or War In Europe (The Sunday Times, 01/05/1938)
398. May Day, 1938... (Daily Worker, 30/04/1938)
399. Anglo-French Conversations are Completed (Daily Worker, 30/04/1938)
400. May Day (News Chronicle, 02/05/1938)
401. What will Hitler get from Mussolini? (Daily Express, 03/05/1938)
402. London's Influence on Rome Meeting (News Chronicle, 03/05/1938)
403. Tasks for General Franco When Spain's Three Bog Cities Fall (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 05/05/1938)
404. Franco Over Spain (Daily Express, 06/05/1938)
405. The War In Spain (Manchester Guardian, 07/05/1938)
406. Why War Hangs Over Europe (Daily Worker, 07/05/1938)
407. If Americans Allow Arms To Go To Spain (Manchester Guardian, 09/05/1938)
408. The Dream Ends (Daily Express, 09/05/1938)
409. A Night with the Barcelona Cheka (News Chronicle, 09/05/1938)
410. Bad News For Mr. Chamberlain (Daily Herald, 09/05/1938)
411. Don Nicolau Franco, the Special Agent... (The Times, 10/05/1938)
412. To Marry In Spain (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 10/05/1938)
413. Dimitrov Strikes another Blow (Daily Worker, 10/05/1938)
414. Civil Servants And Their Private Lives (News Chronicle, 12/05/1938)
415. The Front has been Held! (Daily Worker, 13/05/1938)
416. Counsel for Defence-Number Two (Daily Worker, 14/05/1938). Viñeta Cómica
417. For The Peace Alliance (News Chronicle, 17/05/1938)
418. Next Move In Spain- On to Barcelona or Valencia? (The Times, 18/05/1938)
419. Idealism and Realism (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 20/05/1938)
420. I'd like to see this army fight (Daily Express, 20/05/1938)
421. Get rid of that Fascist legend, Mr. Chamberlain (Daily Express, 20/05/1938)
422. Ourselves and France (Daily Herald, 20/05/1938)
423. It's Now Up To Us (Daily Worker, 20/05/1938)
424. Alarms (Daily Herald, 23/05/1938)
425. Plain Words (News Chronicle, 23/05/1938)
426. The Crisis Today (News Chronicle, 23/05/1938)
427. London's Role as Mediator (News Chronicle, 23/05/1938)
428. A Critical Week-End For Europe (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 23/05/1938)
429. First Round Over-Next Round To Come (Daily Worker, 24/05/1938)
430. Replies-About Direct Action in France (Daily Worker, 24/05/1938)
431. Lesson of the Crisis (Daily Herald, 24/05/1938)
432. A Nasty Corner (News Chronicle, 24/05/1938)
433. The Time for Cool Heads (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 24/05/1938)
434. Tension Relaxed (The Times, 24/05/1938)
435. Next Round, Spain (Daily Worker, 25/05/1938)
436. How Japan's Military Enterprise is Shackled (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 26/05/1938)
437. T.U.C And Arms (News Chronicle, 27/05/1938)
438. Alicante (Daily Herald, 27/05/1938)
439. One Day In Spain (Daily Worker, 30/05/1938)
440. Obstacles to Peace in Spain (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 31/05/1938)
441. Air Savages (News Chronicle, 31/05/1938)
442. Not Much Sympathy (Daily Herald, 31/05/1938)
443. Mr. Chamberlain starts his 2nd year (Daily Express, 31/05/1938)
444. Dangerous Delays (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 01/06/1938)
445. Reprisals If Franco Goes on Bombing (News Chronicle, 01/06/1938). En dos páginas: the fact that a victory gained...
446. A Free Run For Piracy (Daily Herald, 01/06/1938)
447. These Men Keep the Duce Awake (News Chronicle, 01/06/1938)
448. Problems for Settlement (The Times, 03/06/1938)
449. It Must Stop (News Chronicle, 06/06/1938)
450. Opinion-Give Truce (Daily Express, 06/06/1938)
451. After All (Daily Herald, 07/06/1938)
452. Spotlight on Politics (News Chronicle, 07/06/1938)
453. Can Warfare be Limited? (The Times, 10/06/1938)
454. Opinion-Civil War (Daily Express, 10/06/1938)
455. Air Murder Must Be Stopped (News Chronicle, 10/06/1938)
456. A Corpse That Won't Lie Down! (Daily Worker, 10/06/1938)
457. Announcing a Policy (Manchester Guardian, 13/06/1938)
458. Opinion-More Plans For Spain (Daily Express, 13/06/1938)
459. End The Bombing of British Ships (Daily Worker, 14/06/1938)
460. Thunder in the Escurial (Manchester Guardian, 14/06/1938)
461. Not Good Enough (News Chronicle, 15/06/1938)
462. Opinion-Why no Warships (Daily Express, 15/06/1938)
463. Ribaldry In Burgos (Daily Herald, 15/06/1938)
464. Franco take his cue (Daily Worker, 17/06/1938)
465. Clean Hands (News Chronicle, 17/06/1938)
466. The Queen of Spain holds her last Court by the roadside (Daily Express, 17/06/1938)
467. Why There Will Be No War (Daily Express, 18/06/1938). Reimpresión de un artículo del London Evening Standard
468. Two Assassinations... and Civil War Splits Spain (Daily Express, 18/06/1938)
469. Europe could become a Commonwealth (News Chronicle, 20/06/1938)
470. Mr. Chamberlain... (Daily Herald, 21/06/1938). Viñeta Cómica
471. The Only Sane Policy (Daily Mail, 22/06/1938)
472. Wavering Supporters (Manchester Guardian, 22/06/1938)
473. Only Victory! (Daily Worker, 22/06/1938)
474. Factors Which Sway Europe's Fate Over Czechoslovakia (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 23/06/1938)
475. Not Nice (News Chronicle, 23/06/1938)
476. Nehru-Hope of Young India (News Chronicle, 23/06/1938)
477. Bleats And Bombs (Daily Herald, 23/06/1938)
478. Public Enemy No.1 (Daily Worker, 24/06/1938)
479. Franco's Superiority in War of Movement (The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 25/06/1938)
480. Draught Can Be Made a Storm (Daily Worker, 25/06/1938)
481. Spain and Sanity-Mr. Chamberlain Strenght (The Observer, 25/06/1938)
482. Peter Kerrigan, one of the men who as Political Commissar... (Daily Worker, 27/06/1938)
483. Battling on To Victory (Daily Worker, 27/06/1938)
484. No Truce in Spain Until Invaders Go (Daily Worker, 29/06/1938)

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