Person - Smorodin, Abe (1916-2008)

Smorodin, Abe (1916-2008)




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Smorodin, Abe (1916-2008)

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1916-09-12 - 2008-04-07


Abe Smorodin was born on September 12, 1916. He was a graduate of Boy's High School in Brooklyn, New York. He was single and worked as a metal light worker. He joined the Young Communist League club in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in 1933 and also the Communist Party of the United States of America since 1935.

Abe sailed for Spain along with several of his school friends in 1937 and arrived on June 18, 1937. He served with the 15th International Brigade and went into action for the first time at Fuentes de Ebro with the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion as Runner with the rank of Sargent and fought in every subsequent battle until the International Brigades were withdrawn from the front during the fall of 1938.

After returning to New York on December 20, 1938, aboard the "Ausonia", he married Rose Mendolowitz (sister of volunteers Leo and Joe Gordon) and took over the family's candy store and luncheonette, and in the Second World War he fought with the US Armed Forces.

Abe was a voracious reader, with an encyclopedic knowledge of literature, music, and baseball. In his latest years he served on the editorial board of the "Volunteer" and was active in the leadership of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.

Abe, the last national officer of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, died in San Francisco on April 7, 2008.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939







United States

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San Francisco (California, Estados Unidos) in 2008-04-07


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