Person - Fuente Alcocer, Ricardo (1906-1986)

Fuente Alcocer, Ricardo (1906-1986)




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Fuente Alcocer, Ricardo (1906-1986)Other forms

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Madrid (España)  1906-11-02 - Madrid (España)  1986-09-28


He was a Spanish draughtsman, painter and caricature artist. He was a professor at a Drawing High School. He was the son of Valentina Alcocer González and Ricardo Fuente, editor of "El País" and founder of the Municipal Newspaper Library of Madrid (Hemeroteca Municipal de Madrid). He worked as a caricature artist at the newspaper "El Sol", together with Luis Bagaría. He got the chair of Drawing and was destined to the Alcalá de Henares' High School (Madrid). In 1935, he moved to Alicante to work. He married the archivist Carmen Caamaño with whom he tried to escape from Spain together with their son through Alicante's port in 1939. However, they were taken prisoner shortly after. He was imprisoned in the Adults' Reformatory of Alicante where he coincided with Miguel Hernández. He was one of the few people that were present at the poet's funeral. He testified the prison's way of life during Franco's dictatorship through his drawings.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939








Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1906-11-02

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1986-09-28

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Family relationships :

Caamaño Díaz, Carmen (1909-2006)  - Marriage (Esta casado/a con; Matrimonio civil en Valencia.)

Bentosela Puig, Juan (1913-2002)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Caamaño Díaz, Antonio (1912-1996)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Caamaño Díaz, Elvira (1914-2004)  - Collateral (Es cuñado/a de)

Fuente Alcocer, Carmen (1894-1939)  - Collateral (Es hermano/a de)

Alcocer González, Valentina (1873-1946)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

Fuente Asensio, Ricardo (1866-1925)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

Fuente Caamaño, Ricardo (1936-)  - Progenitor

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Hernández, Miguel (1910-1942)  ( Es colega/ amigo de )

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