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Avery, Tex (1908-1980)




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Avery, Tex (1908-1980)Other forms

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Texas (Estados Unidos)  1908-02-26 - 1980-08-26


Tex Avery was an American animator, painter and film director.

He began his animation career in Walter Lantz studio in the thirties. Around 1935, he moved with Leon Schleinger, who prepared a bungalow with five rooms in the Warner Bros so he could work in the Looney Tunes in black and white. It was in "Termite Terrace" where he created and released Porky Pig. He set the bases of a new animation style that overthrew Walt Dinsey as the king of short films. In that moment of his life was when he gave life to most of the greatest Looney Tunes characters like Duffy Duck or Bugs Bunny. "A wild Hare" (1940) was the first movie that really established Bugs Bunny's personality.

In 1942, he signed up with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), where he reached his greatest success. Later on, he went back to Lantz studio but not for a long time. Some of his most famous movies were "The new Woody Woodpecker show" (1957), "Blitz Wolf" (1942) and "Red Hot Riding Hood" (1943). He managed to transmit in all of his movies his idea of animation character mixed with madness, comedy and amusement. He died the 26th August 1980 in Burbank (California) at the age of 72.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Texas (Estados Unidos) in 1908-02-26

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

California (Estados Unidos) in 1980-08-26

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