Person - Durá Solera, Juana (1905-?)

Durá Solera, Juana (1905-?)




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Durá Solera, Juana (1905-?)Other forms

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València (España)  1905-07-05 - desconocida


Spanish businesswoman that was exiled. She was born in Valencia in 1905, daughter of a shoes businessman from Valencia, and member of a catholich and liberal family. She made her basic studies in French religious schools, and also studied French and piano. In 1928, she founded in Valencia a hats shop and workshop along with her sister.

She married Ramiro Ruiz Bru, ship telegraphist, in 1932 and moved to Barcelona. They had two children. When the Spanish Civil War started, her husband was sent to the UGT (General Union of Workers) radio station at the service of the Republic, and later was sent to "Manuel Arnús" ship, that travelled to Mexico looking for provisions and weapons. This situation forced her to spent a long time alone with her children. She did not join any political party, but she collaborated with the International Red Aid, managing the dressmaking of clothes for the front.

She left Spain with her children in April 1939 and headed to Toulouse. The telegraphists labour union sent her money so she could pay the tickets to Mexico in order to meet her husband. They went aboard "La Rochelle" ship and stopped over in Cuba. In 1939, they went to Veracruz on board "Arnaus" ship and moved to Tepic (Nayarit) in 1940. She became Mexican citizen in 1941 and joined the "Unión de Mujeres Españolas Antifascistas" and the Spanish Communist Party of Mexico in 1942. She had many jobs and opened several business until 1947, when her husband began working in XELA radio station. She moved to Cuba, already separated from her husband, in 1962 participating in the Federation of Cuban Women until 1968.

Her son Ramiro Ruiz Durá, poet and writer, also participated in the Cuban Revolution as doctor, and married Concepción Ruiz Funes, daughter of Spanish exiled politician Mariano Ruiz Funes.

Juana came back to Mexico in 1966 and then went again to Cuba, where she had numerous jobs in many girls schools. She went to Spain several times to take care of her ill sister and also for a visit after Franco's death.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939


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Profesores  Obs.:  Talleres de manualidades y musica para nilñas deficientes



Cuba between 1962 and 1968


Toulouse (Alto Garona, Francia) in 1938

Place of arrival:

Veracruz (México)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

València (España) in 1905-07-05





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