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Person - Brialy, Jean-Claude (1933-2007)

Brialy, Jean-Claude (1933-2007)




Preferred form:

Brialy, Jean-Claude (1933-2007)

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Algeria  1933-03-30 - Seine et Marne (Francia)  2007-05-30


Jean-Claude Brialy was a French actor and film director. He stood out in theatre since he was a child, but his parents were against his liking. His father wanted him to be a soldier. He moved to Paris in 1954, without his family's support, to develop his career as actor. He met important film directors of the Nouvelle Vague since the beginnig of his career, especially Claude Chabrol and Jean-Luc Godard. He also worked as extra in the movie of Jean Renoir "Elena and Her Men" (1956). He became a good friend of Éric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette, film directors as well who worked with him. Among his large circle of friends, it is necessary to highlight Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle and the actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean-Pierre Léaud. His short career as film director began in 1971 with "Églantine". He published in 2000 his autobiography in which he admits his homosexuality and his thoughts about this subject, and tells many personal stories. He continued working as television actor until the end of his life.



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Algeria in 1933-03-30

Lugar de Defunción:

Seine et Marne (Francia) in 2007-05-30




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