Person - Millares Cubas, Agustín (1863-1935)

Millares Cubas, Agustín (1863-1935)




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Millares Cubas, Agustín (1863-1935)

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, España)  1863-03-30 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, España)  1935-10-08


Spanish novelist and notary, member of one of the most popular families of intellectuals from the Canary islands, the Millares. He married Dolores Carló Medina and were parents of paleographer Agustín and writer and poet Juan Millares Carló. He made the higher secondary-education course between 1869 and 1877 along with his brother in San Agustín de las Palmas School (Gran Canaria, Spain), institution where most of the intellectuals from these islands carried out their studies, like writer Benito Pérez Galdós among others. He studied Laws, Philosophy and arts in the University of Barcelona and, in 1984, he returned to the Canary islands, opened his own Bar Association and worked as teacher of Rhetoric in the San Agustín School. In 1980, he was designated Adivosry of the Navy and later court reporter of the "Audiencia de Las Palmas". He became a good friend of poet Domingo Rivero during these years. In 1985, he substituted his father, historian Agustín Millares Torres, as notary and held the post until his death in 1935. Along with his brother Juan, he wrote numerous novels, tales and theatre pieces until they founded in 1908 the "Teatrillo de los Hermanos Millares", where many intellectuals of the age met and carried out an important cultural activism of great relevance in literature and theatre. Since 1910 until 1913 and then again in 1921, he was designted Dean of the "Colegio Notarial" of Las Palmas. He died the 8th October 1935 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary islands, Spain). The written work of both brothers was the basis of the modern narrative of the Canaray islands by introducing elements of the personality of the islanders. They are considered the precursors of the Canary contemporary novel along with other authros like Miguel Sarmiento, Ángel Guerra or Benito Pérez Armas. Since 1894, the two brothers started to publish stories of different influences like the group of tales "De la Tierra Canaria". In 1898, they published the novels "Pepe Santana" and "Santiago Bordón". In 1899, their master piece was published, "Nuestra Señora", and also in 1899, the novels "La deuda del comandante" and "Los Inertes". Agustín published two solo novels: "Léxico de Gran Canaria" (1924) and "Canariadas de antaño" (1926).


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Carló Medina, Dolores (1868-1944)  - Marriage (He/She is married to)

Champsaur Sicilia, José (1851-1902)  - Collateral (He/She is my brother-in-law/sister-in-law)

Franchy Roca, José (1871-1944)  - Collateral (He/She is my brother-in-law/sister-in-law)

Millares Cubas, Francisca (ca.1850-?)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Millares Cubas, María de los Dolores Francisca (1852-?)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Millares Cubas, Rosa (1873-1962)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Torre Comminges, Bernardo de la (1870-1929)  - Collateral (He/She is my brother-in-law/sister-in-law)

Cubas Báez, Encarnación (1831-1915)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

Millares Torres, Agustín (1826-1896)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

Millares Carlo, Agustín (1893-1980)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

Millares Carlo, Dolores (1888-1971)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

Millares Carlo, Juan (1885-1965)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

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