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Person - Seaton, George (1911-1979)

Seaton, George (1911-1979)




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Seaton, George (1911-1979)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Indiana (Estados Unidos)  1911-04-17 - 1979-07-28


US scripwriter, producer, and film director. In 1933 he was hired as a scriptwriter by Metro‑Goldwyn‑Mayer, where he served as an assistant to Ben Hecht (1894-1964) and Charles MacArthur (1895-1956). In 1935 he participated in "A Night at the Opera" (1935), by the Marx Brothers. In 1937 he took part in "A Day at the Races", comedy that was a great success. Later, between 1939 and 1940, he worked with producer William Perlberg (1900-1968) at Columbia Pictures, and shortly thereafter both went on to work at 20th Century-Fox. There, he wrote the script for "The Song of Bernadette" ( 1943), a great success at the box office. He made his directorial debut with the comedy "Diamond Horseshoe" (1945), which was followed by "Junior Miss" (1945), and "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" (1947). In 1947 he filmed "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947), which was awarded several Oscar prizes. Later he filmed "The Big Lift" (1950) and "For Heaven's Sake" (1950). In 1952 he was hired by Paramount Pictures, where he worked as co‑producer in several high‑budget films, as "The Tin Star" (1957). During his last years he had less work and directed films such as " The Pleasure of His Company" (1961), "The Counterfeit Traitor" (1962), and "Airport" (1970).


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Film producers

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Film directors


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Indiana (Estados Unidos) in 1911-04-17

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Los Ángeles (California, Estados Unidos) in 1979-07-28




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Paramount Pictures Corporation (Estados Unidos)  ( He/She works for )

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