Person - Barsky, Edward K. (1897-1975)

Barsky, Edward K. (1897-1975)




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Barsky, Edward K. (1897-1975)Other forms

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New York  1885-06-06 - New York  1975-02-11


He was a North American doctor. He was a member of the American Communist Party. Since he was a strong supporter of the Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War, he organized the "American Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy". At the beginning of 1937, he traveled to Spain for the first time and he organized the health system of the campaign of the International Brigades. He went back to the US on August 2nd 1938 on board of the Aquitania. He married Vita Lauter and, when the Spanish Civil War was over, he kept helping the exiled Spaniards with the "Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee". He was prosecuted by the House of Un-American Activities Committee, sentenced to go to prison without the possibility of practicing his profession. During the 1960s, Barsky was a member of the Medical Committee for Human Rights that acted for the civil rights in the southern states of the United States.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



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New York in 1885-06-06

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New York in 1975-02-11




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