Olga Gallego Domínguez
Person - Gallego Domínguez, Olga (1923-2010)

Gallego Domínguez, Olga (1923-2010)




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Gallego Domínguez, Olga (1923-2010)

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Ourense (España)  1923 - Ourense (España)  2010


She was a Spanish historian, archivist, academic and writer. She was a member of the ¿Real Academia de la Historia¿ and she was the first woman to be accepted in the ¿Real Academia Gallega¿. She received her primary education and she attended high school in her home town, but she studied Philosophy and Literature, specializing in History, at the University of Santiago (1942-1946). In 1955, after passing a public examination, she could join the Corps of Archives, Libraries and Museums Assistants and she was assigned to the Provincial Library of Ourense. In 1958, again after a public examination, she could join the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archeologists, contributing to the Provincial Historical Archive and to the ¿Delegación de Hacienda de Orense¿

reasury Department of Ourense

. She became its director in 1968. From 1972, she worked as the director of the department of collaborators Marcelo Macías of the Provincial Archeological Museum of Ourense. She was member of the Board of the Foundation of Penzol as well as of the board of the Foundation Ramón Ortero Pedrayo. From 1980, she was a member of the ¿Real Academia de Historia¿ and she joined the ¿Real Academia Gallega¿ in 1986.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ourense (España) in 1923

Lugar de Defunción:

Ourense (España) in 2010


"Relación de Funcionarios de los Cuerpos Facultativo de Archiveros y Bibliotecarios", Subdirección General de Bibliotecas. Sección de Gestión Administrativa, Madrid, 1983.

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