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Brey Mariño, María (1910-1995)




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A Pobra de Trives (Ourense, España)  1910 - Madrid (España)  1995-02-07


María Brey Mariño was a Spanish librarian, archivist and translator. She studied Philosophy and Literaure in Madrid and she received a scholarship from JAE program which allowed her to collaborate with the Center for Historical Studies. After becoming a member of the Corps of Archives, Libraries and Museums in 1931, she worked at the Library of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of Ministers and during the Spanish Civil War she worked for the Board for Books Acquisition. She was transferred from Madrid after the battle that took place in Huelva and she went back to Madrid in 1943 in order to work at the Spanish Library of Congress. She met Antonio Rodríguez-Moñino while both of them were working for the "Junta de Incautación y Defensa del Patrimonio Artístico" , with the job of saving the bibliographic heritage. They were married in 1938. During this period, they owned one of the biggest private libraries, which was given to the "Academia de la Lengua Española" (RAE). She worked as an archivist for the Lázaro Galdiano¿s Foundation until 1969. She also managed the collection known as Odres Nuevos for which she published "El libro de buen amor" translated to Modern Castellan Spanish. She stands out as a translator of foreign authors and for her expositions, conferences and academic publications.

The book of Good Love Committee for the Seizure and Defense of the Artistic Treasure


Tía materna del presidente del gobierno Mariano Rajoy Brey



Lugar de Nacimiento:

A Pobra de Trives (Ourense, España) in 1910

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Madrid (España) in 1995-02-07

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Rodríguez-Moñino, Antonio (1910-1970)  - Marriage (He/She is married to)

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