Corporate Body - Servicio de Recuperación de Documentos (España)

Servicio de Recuperación de Documentos (España)



Corporate Body

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Servicio de Recuperación de Documentos (España)Other forms

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from 1937 to 1938


The Document Recovery Service was the predecessor of the State Department for Documents Recovery. The Service deals with the recovery, organization, classification, filing and analysis of the documents seized by the Nationalists Army as they were occupying territories belonging to Republican areas, and also providing information to the organizations which requested it: the Second Section of High Command (Segunda Sección del Estado Mayor), the Military Information and Police Service (Servicio de Información y Policía Militar or SIPM), the Anticommunist Information and Propaganda Office (Oficina de Información y Propaganda Anticomunista or OIPA), the War Audit of the Occupation Army (Auditoría de Guerra del Ejército de Ocupación) and the police and public order forces, among others. The Document Recovery Service was created in Bilbao after being occupied by the Nationalist Army on June 1937. It depended on the General Headquarters of the Caudillo (Franco's byname), being Marcelino Ulibarri Eguilaz its responsible, who was also the director of the institution which replaced it, the State Department for Documents Recovery, created by Decree on 26th April 1938.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939


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Owens Pérez del Pulgar, Tomás (1880-?)  ( Tiene como empleado a )

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Ulibarri, Marcelino de (1880-1951)  ( Tiene de titular a/ tiene como beneficiario a )


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