Person - Villafañe Andreu, Manuel de (1768-p.1821)

Villafañe Andreu, Manuel de (1768-p.1821)




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Villafañe Andreu, Manuel de (1768-p.1821)Other forms

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Castelló de la Plana (Castellón, España)  1768-01-08 - 1821


Spanish politician and lawyer. Son of Manuel de Villafañe y Flores, who was from a noble family of Ferral (León) and Luisa Andreu, a lady from the oligarchy of Castellón.

He studied in the University of Alcalá de Henares and lived in the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso between 1783 and 1789. He graduated as a doctor in Canon and Civil Law. In 1789, he was a lawyer of Royal Counsels, and he was alcalde del Crimen in the Real Audiencia of Valencia. He had another supplementary positions like auditor of Voluntarios Honrados and adviser of the General Captain. He was designated a member of the Order of Carlos III. Not only that, but he was the governor of Sala del Crimen, the regent of the Real Audiencia of Valencia, the president of the Tribunal de Seguridad Pública and the spokesman of the Junta Superior of Valencia.

He was elected as member of Parliament for Valencia, and he was part of different commissions (Finance, Honour, Justice...). He was the president of the Cortes of Cádiz between December 1811 and January 1812. He was one of the Constitution' signatories, and he had a lot of parlamentary participation.

Later, he was named judge of regiments, tithes and values of the Real Audiencia of Valencia, but he was suspended. He was jailed and put under house arrest, and he had to retire by the decision of Ferdinand VII.

During the Trienio Liberal he returned to his position as magistrate of the Audiencia de Castilla la Nueva, he was designated regent on the proposal of the Council of State in 1821 and honorary minister of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



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