Person - Mosquera Cabrera, Francisco (1771-1827)

Mosquera Cabrera, Francisco (1771-1827)




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Mosquera Cabrera, Francisco (1771-1827)Other forms

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Santo Domingo (Distrito Nacional, República Dominicana)  1771 - Torrent (Valencia, España)  1827-08-29


He was the Judge of Santafé de Bogotá, Judge of Seville and Valencia and a government representative.

He was the son of the field marshal Joaquín Cabrera de Mosquera and María de Mosquera y Paredes, both from the town of Escalona. He studied at the University of Havana.

In 1796 he was appointed as a lawyer to the Court of Santo Domingo. After the loss of Santo Domingo to the French by the Peace of Basel in 1795, Mosquera immigrated to Puerto Rico in 1801, where he worked as a lawyer.

In 1804 he was appointed auditor of the Navy and in 1808 lieutenant governor and interim war auditor. The following year he became a postal adviser. With the Spanish reconquest of Santo Domingo in 1809, he returned as an advisor to Governor Juan Sánchez Ramírez. Later, he was appointed first prosecutor of the Treasury of Havana.

Mosquera was elected Government Representative of Santo Domingo in the Cádiz Cortes (parliament). He took the oath on February 27, 1812 and was a signatory of the 1812 Constitution. On March 27, 1813, he obtained a permit to return to Santo Domingo.

He was appointed judge at the Court of Santafé in 1814; he took office in July 1816 in Cartagena and served there until he returned to Bogotá in March 1817, where he served until independence. He fled to Jamaica and then to Havana in 1822, bearing the official seal of the Court. In June 1822, he arrived in Madrid.

In 1823 he was appointed judge at the Court of Seville, and in 1824 at the Court of Valencia.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813



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Profession (carried on by):

Auditores de guerra

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Legislators in  Santo Domingo (capitanía general, jurisdicción antigua)


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