Person - Posada Fernández de Córdoba, Vicente (1780-?)

Posada Fernández de Córdoba, Vicente (1780-?)




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Posada Fernández de Córdoba, Vicente (1780-?)Other forms

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México  1781 - desconocida


Spanish attorney, judge in Filipinas, deputy in Cortes. He was the son of Ramón de Posada y Soto, judge in Guatemala, alcalde del Crimen in Lima, public prosecutor in the Real Hacienda in México, the Council of the Indies and the Cámara de Indias (Chamber of the Indies), and Ana Fernández de Córdoba, who was from Málaga.

He came to Spain to study, and he studied in the San Fulgencio College in Murcia, in the University of Alcalá de Henares, and in the University of Toledo. He graduated and the title of bachelor of Law and Canons. Also, he graduated from the University of Valencia, and he was doctor PhD in Canons. He took part in the Court where he was member of the San Isidro Academy of Madrid (1803-1805). In 1806, he was lawyer of the Indies, and later, he travelled to Asia and visited Kolkata, where he learned about the laws of those countries.

He was appointed by the Consejo de Regencia (Regency Council) as judge in the Royal Audience of Manila. In 1822, he was chosen as deputy from Cortes for Filipinas and went to Spain. In 1827, the Royal Audience of Sevilla sentenced him to an ordinary sentence, and the confiscation of his properties, along with Tomás Gener and José Santos Suárez, for having voted the dismissal of Ferdinand VII.

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



Lugar de Nacimiento:

México in 1781


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