Oses de Alzúa Coparacio, Joaquín de
Person - Osés de Alzúa Caparacio, Joaquín de (1755-1823)

Osés de Alzúa Caparacio, Joaquín de (1755-1823)




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Osés de Alzúa Caparacio, Joaquín de (1755-1823)Other forms

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Galbarra (Lana, Navarra, España)  1755-09-22 - Santiago de Cuba (Cuba)  1823-02-23


Bishop and Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba (1792-1823). He studied in the Council Seminary of Pamplona, and further on, he obtained the Bachelor on Theology and Law by the university of Zaragoza. After having being ordained priest, he obtained his PhD in both degrees by the University of Orihuela, and he was appointed lawyer of the Royal Councils. In 1789, he moved to Cuba as personal secretary and viscar-general of the bishop of Santiago, Antonio Feliú Centeno. When he died in 1791, he was promoted to be bishop of Santiago, and later made archbishop in 1804.

In 1793, he was asked for a report from the Peninsula to promote the eastern part of the island of Cuba. Among his propositions there was the agrarian reformation, the abolition of slavery, free trade or Havana's independence. His positions on very different issues, such as the situation of the debt collectors or the construction of the cathedral of Santiago, brought him into conflict with the Creole elite. Moreover, he supported very actively the members of the philanthropic vaccination expedition leaded by Balmis.

During the Trienio (Triennium) he was elected deputy for Santiago de Cuba, but he never took up his seat.

Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition, 1803-1810

Date of the event: 1803-11-30

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Galbarra (Lana, Navarra, España) in 1755-09-22

Lugar de Defunción:

Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) in 1823-02-23

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