Person - Janacópulos, Vera (1892-1955)

Janacópulos, Vera (1892-1955)




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Janacópulos, Vera (1892-1955)Other forms

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Petrópolis (Río de Janeiro, Brasil)  1892-12-20 - Río de Janeiro (Brasil)  1955-12-05


Brazilian soprano and voice teacher. Wife of lawyer Alexey Fyodorovich Staal.

Member of a family of Greek descent. She was born on December 20 of 1892 in Petrópolis (Brazil). She is the great-granddaughter of João Batista Calógeras, granddaughter of Miguel Calógueras and daughter of George Constantino Calógeras. She is the sister of the sculptor Adriana Janacópulos.

She moved to Paris in 1896 with her sister. She began her musical education as a violinist with George Enescu. Later, she received singing lessons from the soprano Reja Bauer. At her first concerts, she was accompanied by Enescu. Alfred Cortot invited her to participate in a series of charity concerts. At the start of World War I, she moved to the United States, settling in New York in 1918, and marrying Alexey Staal. Her first major concert took place on December 14 of 1918, at the Aeollian Hall in New York, under the direction of Serguéi Prokofiev. She also performed at the New York Hippodrome with the Russian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Modest Altschuler. On December 10 of 1919, under the direction of George Barrère, she performed Ígor Stravinsky's "Pribaoutki" with the Orquesta Sociedad Sinfónica at the Aeollian Hall. At other concerts, she was accompanied on piano by Charles Griffes and Maurice Dambois. The usual repertoire she performed in the United States included works by Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Moussorgsky, Rachmaninoff, and Rimsky-Korsakoff.

In 1921, she returned to Paris after touring Brazil and Argentina. She took part in concerts organized by the Association artistique des Concerts Colonne, at the Théâtre du Châtelet. She sang under the direction of Pierre Monteaux at the Salle Gaveau, alongside the Colonne Orchestra of Paris, on May 31 of 1921. On November 10 of the same year, she participated in the inaugural concert of the season organized by Serge Koussevitsky at the Paris Opera. Invited by the Societé Philharmonique, she performed at the Salle Gaveau on December 6 of 1921. She was also invited to the Stravinsky Festivals.

She gave recitals throughout Europe, Asia, and America. She added French and Spanish music to her repertoire. Manuel de Falla's works took the centre stage in her recitals, a composer with whom she exchanged letters between 1922 and 1939. She taught singing classes. Her most outstanding students were Magdalena Lébeis, María de Lourdes Cruz Lopes, Lilia Nunes, Edmée Brandi, Margarida Martins Maia, Helena Pimentel, and Emilia d'Anniballe. She died on December 5 of 1955 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

World War, 1914-1918

Date of the event: 1914 - 1918



Su fondo se conserva en la Biblioteca Central de la Universidad de Río de Janeiro (UNIRIO) de Brasil.


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Lugar de Residencia:

Nueva York (Estados Unidos)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Petrópolis (Río de Janeiro, Brasil) in 1892-12-20

Lugar de Defunción:

Río de Janeiro (Brasil) in 1955-12-05






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Bottenheim, S. A. M. (1880-1957)  ( Es colega/ amigo de )

Cortot, Alfred (1877-1962)  ( Colabora con )

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Prokofiev, Sergei (1891-1953)  ( Colabora con )

Family relationships :

Staal, Alexey Fyodorovich  - Marriage (Esta casado/a con)

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