Corporate Body - El Liberal (diario, 1879-1939)

El Liberal (diario, 1879-1939)



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El Liberal (diario, 1879-1939)Other forms

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from 1879 to 1939


It was a Madrid-based morning newspaper founded in 1879. In 1901, "The Liberal" entered a period of expansion by creating a homonym newspaper chain in Barcelona, Bilbao, Murcia and Seville. During its 60-year history, it displayed a moderate liberal approach and, in the second decade of the 20th century, it achieved one of the largest newspaper print runs in Spain, hence why it became the prototype for the popular newspapers and the most read paper among the working class. It was directed by Miguel Moya Ojanguren between 1890 and 1906. Joined by the newspapers "The Impartial" and "Herald of Madrid", it constituted the "Spanish Printing Society", also known as "The Trust" or "The Liberal Group". Between 1928 and 1936, it was chaired by the journalist Francisco Villanueva Oñate.

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Blasco Paniagua, Sofía (1887-?)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en; Redactora de El Liberal de Madrid. )

Contreras Pazo, Francisco (1913-1998)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

Domínguez Benavides, Manuel (1895-1947)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en; Fué redactor desde 1928 a 1937 )

Endériz Olaverri, Ezequiel (1889-1951)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

Fontdevila Cruixent, Manuel (1887-1957)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

Loma, José Luis de la (1901-1991)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en; Publica sus primeros artículos técnicos de Agronomía en el periódico El Liberal. )

Pérez García, Darío (1869-1945)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

Romero Martín, Tomás (1864-1937)  ( It has as a member )

Villanueva, Francisco (1875-1946)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

Zozaya, Antonio (1859-1943)  ( Tiene como empleado a_en )

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