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Ateneu Barcelonès (España)



Corporate Body

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from 1860 to existente actualmente


The creation of an athenaeum in Barcelona was originally contemplated by the liberal professionals and the bourgeoisie in 1835. Nevertheless, it was not until 1860 that the Ateneu Català was created with Joan Agell i Torrents as its president. In 1872, the Ateneu merged with the Barcelonian Business Centre following the merger of the Barcelonian Casino and the Barcelonian Business Circle.

The first president of the institution was Manuel Durán i Bas. This initial period until 1895 exerted the greatest impact on Catalonian public life, and the Ateneu became the cultural promoter of Barcelona. It inspired the foundation of a library, which was built thanks to the members’ donations and held up to 18,000 volumes by 1881.

It was awarded the Cross of San Jordi in 2003 and the Gold Medal for Cultural Merit by the Barcelona City Council in 2007.


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Related Authorities

Altaba Planuch, Ricardo (1901-1994)  ( It has as a member; Es socio del Ateneo )

Associative relations :

Anglasell, Ramón (1820-1863)  ( It is owened by/It has X as beneficiary )

Corominas Montanya, Pedro (1870-1939)

Durán Bas, Manuel (1823-1907)  ( It has as a member; Presidente del Ateneo Barcelonés en 1867, desde el 8 de mayo de 1872 a 1873, y en 1876 y 1877. )

Ferrán, Ignacio María de (1839-1880)  ( It has as a member; Presidente de la sección de Ciencias Morales y Políticas )

Quero Molares, José (1905-1987)  ( It has as a member; Presidente del Patronato de la Biblioteca. )

Valls Castillo, Domingo (1838-1885)  ( It has as a member )

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