Corporate Body - Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Hacienda (España)

Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Hacienda (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Hacienda (España)Other forms

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1720 to 1851


The Secretariat of Finance is the product of Bourbon creation. The fist-time split of the former Austrian Secretariat took place in 1705. An increasing imposition of specialization and secretarial sub-division signalled in the subsequent years the establishment of the Secretariat of Finance, starting in 1720 with the appointment of the Marquis of Campoflorido. The Secretariat of Finance was mainly responsible for setting the treasury policy, finding and boosting the sources of wealth (population, agriculture, trade and industry), appointing the chief positions in the department of finances, authorizing the payments or orders of payment and overseeing the financial tasks as a whole. Based in the Cortes of Cádiz, the Secretariat was prone to a rather imprecise existance in terms of its name (Ministry or Secretariat) until 1851, when the former designation disappeared as a result of the creation of the Ministry of Finance. Despite maintaining an institutional, as well as a functional division between the Secretariat of Finance and the Superintendency, both were chaired by the same person, except for brief periods of time. Such a circumstance could partially explain the incorporation of the two bodies into a single fond and the separation of the documents held therein. In 1795, both bodies were unified.


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