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Person - Aragó Cabañas, Antonio María (1918-1981)

Aragó Cabañas, Antonio María (1918-1981)




Preferred form:

Aragó Cabañas, Antonio María (1918-1981)Alternative forms (other languages)

Fechas de existencia:

Lloret de Mar (Girona, España)  1918 - Barcelona (España)  1981


Spanish archivist and historian.

He studied baccalaureate with the Jesuits in Barcelona and later he graduated in Philosophy and Arts specialising in Medieval History at the University of Barcelona. He was assistant teacher at the same faculty and in 1944 he joined the Cuerpo Facultativo de Archiveros, Bibliotecarios y Arqueólogos. His first destination was the Provincial Historical Archive of Lérida and in 1947 he moved to the Archive of the Crown of Aragon, in which he was section head, secretary, and deputy director. He furthered the cataloguing of the archive using a new system of marks, moreover, he promoted the celebration of conferences, seminars, round tables, and expositions, one of them being about James I the Conqueror. His research work focused on several aspects of the history of the Crown of Aragon in the Late Middle Ages and could be seen in numerous publications that he did during his professional life. Besides, he was a teacher at the Escuela de Bibliotecarias of Barcelona since the school year 1967-68, where he gave lessons on History of Culture and Archival Science and Diplomatics.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Lloret de Mar (Girona, España) in 1918

Lugar de Defunción:

Barcelona (España) in 1981

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