Person - Menéndez-Pidal Álvarez, Luis (1896-1975)

Menéndez-Pidal Álvarez, Luis (1896-1975)




Preferred form:

Menéndez-Pidal Álvarez, Luis (1896-1975)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Oviedo (Asturias, España)  1896 - 1975


Spanish architect, son of the painter Luis Menéndez Pidal and brother the also architect, José. In 1921, he won a competitive examination as an architect at the Bank of Spain and in that job he designed and constructed different buildings for the institution. He was Commissioner of the National Artistic Heritage Defense Service between 1937 and 1940. At the end of the Spanish Civil War, he specialized in architectural restoration, in which he would be considered one of the most brilliant Spanish and European representatives of the 20th century.

He was the Architect Curator of Monuments of the First Zone (1941-1975), which consisted of seven regions: Asturias, León, Zamora, La Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra. In that period he made great interventions, especially in the monuments of Asturian and Romanesque Art.

Throughout his career, he intervened in more than 200 restoration works in the Spanish heritage. He carried out many works, especially in religious buildings in the Principality of Asturias. In 1966, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise.



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Oviedo (Asturias, España) in 1896

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Madrid (España) in 1975




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Family relationships :

Menéndez Pidal, Faustino (1855-1924)  - Collateral (He/She is the nephew/niece of)

Menéndez Pidal, Juan (1861-1915)  - Collateral (He/She is the nephew/niece of)

Menéndez Pidal, Ramón (1869-1968)  - Collateral (He/She is the nephew/niece of)

Menéndez-Pidal Álvarez, José (1908-1981)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

Menéndez Pidal, Luis (1861-1932)  - Descendant (He/She is the son/daughter of)

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