Person - Neoburgo, Mariana de (1667-1740, reina consorte de España)

Neoburgo, Mariana de (1667-1740, reina consorte de España)




Preferred form:

Neoburgo, Mariana de (1667-1740, reina consorte de España)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Düsseldorf (Renania del Norte-Westfalia, Alemania)  1667-12-28 - Guadalajara (España)  1740-07-16


Maria Anna of Neuburg (Düsseldorf, Benrath Palace, 28 December-Guadalajara, Palace of El Infantado, 16 July 1740), Queen of Spain, second wife of Charles II.

Daughter of Philip William, Elector Palatine, Duke of Neoburg and his wife Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt; she married Charles II in 1689, being chosen, among other reasons, for the fertility of her family.

Strong in character, she had a decisive influence on politics with the help of a cohort of Germans and some Spaniards, which made her strongly unpopular. During the latter years of reign, when it was evident that Charles II would die soon and without offspring, she developed a confused and interested politics, which led her to approach alternatively various succession options.

Committed to the Austrian party at the end, and retired in Toledo after the king's death, she was exiled in 1706 by Philip V as a consequence of the support given to Archduke Charles (future Emperor Charles VI) during the course of the War of Spanish Succession. She resided in Bayonne until 1738, and later in Guadalajara until her death.

Internal Structure-Genealogy:

Segunda esposa de Carlos II. Hija de Felipe Guillermo del Palatinado, duque de Neoburgo y de su esposa Isabel Amalia de Hesse-Darmstadt.


Lugar de Residencia:

Palacio del Infantado (Guadalajara, España) between 1738 and 1740

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Düsseldorf (Renania del Norte-Westfalia, Alemania) in 1667-12-28

Lugar de Defunción:

Guadalajara (España) in 1740-07-16


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